Different Types of Treatment Available at Medical Spas

There are a few reasons why it is worth having the treatments offered by medical spas. When chosen sensibly these spas will provide services that pamper clients as well as ones, which can deal with embarrassing problems or issues. Whatever the motive for receiving holistic treatments such services can provide great benefits for those treated. Should you be inexperienced when it comes to spa treatments a quick guide would be useful. Below is the useful guide to medical spas and the treatments on offer. Medical spa in Houston refers to the different spas that offer some or all of these treatments.

1. Facials: these are a popular option for patients, who want their faces thoroughly and deeply cleansed. Facials are great for a detox besides pampering patients. There are a variety of facials that patients can choose from. These range from the standard type of facial through to ones that tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, or treat acne. Aside from making skin appear healthier such treatments can protect against toxins such as air bourn pollutants and UV rays from sunlight.

2. Botox: the use of Botox injections for problems such as crows feet, the uplifting of sagged breasts, and the relieve of migraines is provided by many medical spas. Botox in Houston can be done in many local spas in Houston.

3 Laser Hair Removal: Laser Hair Removal is among the most popular medical spa treatments, in particular for the removal of bikini lines. The treatment also removes hair from arms and legs without the need for regular shaving or waxing. With just one or two sessions the unwanted hair is gone, and stays that way.

4. Massages : quite simply massages are a staple treatment offered by medical spas. There are few things as relaxing as a massage. Patients seek massages to relieve stress or for knots in the back. They can chose from a simple 20 minute message to an hour long full body massage.

5. Acne Laser Treatment: this is another type of laser treatment offered by medical spas. The laser treatment is more effective at removing acne and the skin areas affected by it. As an aside the same treatment is also effective for the removal of wrinkles.

6. Facial Peels: when it comes for ways of exfoliating skin from the face facial peels are among the most popular. To work these peel treatments use chemicals to peel off the damaged layer of skin in order to let the next layer shine through.

7. Microderm / Microdermabrasion: Microdem is a process commonly used in medical spas to remove excess or damaged skin, especially in facial areas. The Microderm wands when used by a trained physician effortlessly remove layers of damaged skin or scars to promote the healthy skin from underneath. These work by using a rough surface to buff the dry or hard skin.

8. IPL / Intense Pulse Light treatment: this is a relatively new treatment, which works by pulsating light onto discolored skin or reducing wrinkles. Also known as photofacials, works by constricting blood vessels in affected areas to reduce poor skin conditions.

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